Education at All Levels

Everybody should be admitted to university study programs regardless of their level of academic ability.

It is an undeniable fact that education is one of the invaluable rights for people across the globe. Today, attending a study program in university catch on with young people in order to find a good job.  it is argued that unless students have a certain level skill, they do not study in the programs what they interested in.

In my opinion, government can offer people choices related with classes without testing their abilities because of that wishes of people are far more fundamental than their levels. it is truly that either anybody or any rule can determine the future occupations of students. To illustrate, a student who want to be lawyer from him or her heart, deeply, student definitely supported by parents and the government in terms of both in monetary and in emotional way due to that sometimes they may come face with challenges.

From another of view, high amount of people eager to join same department in the university, there are a few numbers of program and university also it means there is no enough area which can meet the capacity of students. Government have to choose students, limitedly, thanks to exams evaluating their levels. For example, if two students study the same subject, one of them can be chosen depends on their acknowledge about related issues in case of low capacity in universities.

To sum up, as far as I concerned that avoiding to compare the degrees among students is a reasonable approach in the education system. Governments ought to adopt subsidizing poor groups and should focus on their interests more than discourage them.


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